Given that you have installed tolc you should be able to use the CMake interface.

Via CMake


Example usage:

  LANGUAGE python

This will create a new target called MyLib_python which, when built and available, will be importable from python as import MyLib. The generated python library will be available under ${CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR}/tolc, typically build/tolc. To import it, start a python session from the same directory as the built library and import it as you would any other library.

An overview of the internal process is described below:

  1. Find and combine all public header files based on include directories marked PUBLIC in CMake for target MyLib.
  2. Let tolc read the combined header and generate the bindings (in this case they will be available under ${CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR}/python-bindings).
  3. Download and make pybind11 available.
  4. Create the target MyLib_python and link it to pybind11 aswell as MyLib.

Tolc tolc_create_bindings overview